And so it begins... or begins again. Okay, again and again..

hello world!  Uh...  again?   After years of blogging on various platforms - actually long before blogging was a "thing", I took a hiatus, launched a ministry (okay, several), came alongside scores of other ministries and ministry leaders, and taught in pulpits, conferences, retreats, and just about every venue both in the US and around the world one can imagine.  Now, I it's finally time to settle back into some old digs (well, new old digs) like a comfy sweatshirt and reopen the blogosphere dialogue. So, settle into a comfy chair, grab something delightful to sip on, and join me for a chat right here.  I'll be sure to let you know when I officially launch this cozy blog, but for now, I'll be posting some content on our site - articles to help apply the truth of life in Christ by grace, and linking it here, as well as sharing some upcoming ministry you're going to simply love and be refreshed Nd encouraged by regularly. 

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See you back here soon!

ridiculously graced...  <br>-mike.